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Posted by indigitall on Mar 29, 2021 5:48:19 PM

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The WhatsApp API allows you to have fluid conversations with your customers to improve their experience. Can you imagine being able to solve the doubts of your clients in real time and effectively, and all from the most popular chat application in the world?

This is exactly what Carrefour has done to optimize its customer service. From indigitall we tell you how this large area has successfully implemented WhatsApp Business API.


Carrefour launches its WhatsApp business account.


Carrefour is one of the companies that is taking part in the benefits of WhatsApp Business API live chat in customer relations. And it is that the large chain of hypermarkets has managed to obtain an advantage over its competitors by providing customers with a service that is characterized by immediacy and fluency.


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How does Carrefour's WhatsApp service work?


The way customers use it is very simple and intuitive. Through a link, the user opens a conversation with Carrefour in his own WhatsApp application, identical to the one he has with any other contact; that is why it will be totally familiar and close to you. From this window, the chatbot offers a menu that groups the main categories of the service into 2. Differentiating the possibility of receiving the brochure with the supermarket information and offering the customer the possibility of making any other type of consultation. The client must respond with the number that corresponds to the category that matches the question they want to resolve. In this way, you will be offered automatic responses that fit the information you are looking for.


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To make this possible, the indigitall team has carried out programming work for the WhatsApp Business API and training the chatbot using artificial intelligence algorithms and contextualizing the conversations in different decision trees. Thus, it offers useful and practical solutions to users automatically. It is designed so that the most common questions that are answered daily in the customer service department are collected in the application and automated. The aim is to avoid waiting times for customers and so that they can take advantage of the immediacy of a live chat 24 hours a day.



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In addition, Carrefour is making a great effort for the sustainability of the planet, with the aim of trying to print the fewest number of brochures possible but also have them available to its millions of annual users, in such a way that the user can download automatically and free of charge from your private phone the brochures of your nearest neighborhood stores and hypermarkets, including the zip code.


The possibilities that indigitall makes available to the client are many, among them, integrating with its clients' systems through webservice / API to interconnect the most up-to-date brochures in an automatic way, avoiding tedious programming procedures.



In addition, it has an integrated live agent through the WhatsApp API



Carrefour's WhatsApp company account also has a live agent service. This means that, for those questions that are out of the ordinary and are less frequent, the system can connect the customer with a human agent for individualized support. This is possible thanks to the incorporation of NLP (natural language processing), which improves the identification of what the client says, even if it goes outside the established script for the program.


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There are far fewer calls that reach human agents, and when a query is transferred to them, the company ensures that no customer is left waiting forever, dissatisfied because they cannot resolve their doubts. Once the question reaches the Carrefour team, an agent can solve several questions at the same time and thus save significant costs. They are all advantages!

Carrefour's success shows that customer service is clearly heading in this direction. More and more companies are convinced of the power of real-time communication with their customers. If you also want to know the advantages of the WhatsApp API in your company, we encourage you to take a test of our product.

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